What Debit Card is Good to Choose

Debit cards are the ones that are mainly used to put money on it. As the client puts personal money on the card, it is quite easy to get one. When the client opens a debit plastic the bank risks nothing. That is why debit cards are prepaid plastics.

Every bank issues a debit card. Actually, it is one of the most important financial products today. When the client chooses a debit plastic he has to pay attention what annual fee the card and what benefits it brings.

It is also important to consider how much foreign transaction fee is. So, before choosing the debit plastic, read the information about the plastic in detail. Then you will really enjoy using the card and avoid unnecessary charges.

Bluebird by American Express and its advantages

One of the prepaid debit plastics that offers fine benefits for clients is Bluebird by American Express. Here are card’s main benefits:

  • It is easy to open it. The client’s credit history won’t be checked. So, everyone can qualify for such a plastic.
  • There is no monthly fee. That is very beneficial. The majority of banks charge a monthly or annual fee. The annual fee can be as high as 100 dollars and more.
  • Cash withdrawal is free if the client takes cash from ATM that belongs to MoneyPass network. The bank charges relatively low 2.5 dollars fee for cash withdrawals from other ATMs.
  • It is easy to reload the card. The client can do it by bank transfer, using mobile deposit method or at Walmart or another store.
  • The Bluebird cardholder can put family members’ money on four subaccounts the American Express opens on request. They are as well no annual fee.

These are the advantages that Bluebird has. They are quite attractive. On top, American Express is a reputable bank. It is prestigious to get an account in such a bank.

Additional benefits of Bluebird card

Bluebird card is equally good to use on US market and abroad. American Express charges no transaction fee for abroad payment. That is quite a valuable bonus to get.

American Express is a good and reliable financial institution in the US. If the person gets good financial history being a client of this bank, he can easily qualify for credit plastics. American Express also offers advanced security mechanism for its cards. It provides its clients good clients’ support.

American Express charges no fee for issuing a Bluebird. Each person is advised to open one. Bluebird plastic is a truly good financial product.

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